The Call Back


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I have few pet peeves in life but one of them for sure is someone not returning my phone call(s). When that person sees you calling and doesn’t pick up or text to tell you that they are busy is annoying.

While I know everyone’s situation is different, I feel that a mutual respect should come into play here. If the person calling you can pick up while they’re busy, so can you. Technology is so advanced these days that you can even text them two or three words in less than a minute. A simple text consisting of 18 letters and five words will do the trick – “I’m busy. Call you later.”

That’s it. It is that simple folks.

The end result is far different from someone thinking that you are being rude, inconsiderate and disrespectful of their time. If I reach out to you it is because I feel like you are worth my time. If I respond by telling you I’m busy, I feel like I am being considerate of your time  and not being rude. 

I also feel that you should do the same for me. A simple courtesy, if you will.

By all means, if you do not feel like speaking, are too busy or don’t think you will back to me in the next 24 hours, LET ME KNOW!! Just say it. I will respect more for letting me know.

Bottom line – Mean what you say and say what you mean.


One thought on “The Call Back

  1. Jackie

    I can be guilty of this. You are right, it only takes a few seconds to let a person know you are busy and will call later.

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