Spring is here!



Finally, spring is here.

According to the calendar anyway.

But days full of sunshine, blooming flowers and spring showers will still have to wait. Today, the high is 50 degrees. It feels a little more like winter than spring.

Not to mention the potential for freezing rain on Tuesday. Will old man winter ever give it a rest or is the merging seasons just a testimony of the threatening global warming that is taking place.

Who knows but I for one am ready for the flowers, bees, muggy rains and high humidity. Did I mention that I am allergic to pollen?

This proven commitment to take a Zyrtec pill every day, keep Kleenex in business and walk around with a red-eye that Adobe Photoshop couldn’t even fix tells you how ready I am for the winter weather to be over.

I don’t have anything against Winter. It is actually my favorite season, with fall coming in a close second, but is overstayed its welcome for sure.

The soft snow was cute at first but it was soon followed with ice, a shortage of food at the grocery store and the kids being forced to stay home.

There were power outages that lasted for days.

Did I mention the part about the kids not going to school?

There were car wrecks, unfortunately some of those fatal, and a large amount of tax money spent on repairs and storm clean-up.

Not to mention that the kids were out of school for a long while.

This winter will be remembered for years to come due to the damage that it inflicted.

So winter, my friend, I bid you ado.

I’m just saying.



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