Why the Ratchet epidemic has gone too far


Ratchet pic



The term is defined as being nasty, ghetto or trifling OR things that seem ridiculous in their given context.


The online slang dictionary describes the terminology as follows:

In urban communities and lifestyles, people tend to make things their own by altering the use, spelling or pronounciation of existing words. There is a word ratchet in the english language but it is a mechanical tool. Unlike wretched, it’s definition does not relate to the use of this new urban word “ratchet” which describes something or someone that is nasty, mean, trifling and without class especially in a social setting or situation.


I admit some of the videos I have watched, shared and laughed at. However, the ratchet videos have gone too far. You see women cussing out their toddlers, men fighting and recording it, and young children who are allowed to do everything from cursing to twerking, probably with an adult recording it.

Okay. So why does this epidemic have to end. Let’s start with the fact that it is isolated to urban communities and lifestyles. All black people are not ratchet. All black or “urban” communities are not ratchet.

It is not a one-word-fits-all scenario.

As for the videos circulating around the internet, that has to stop as well. I admit that there are some I find entertaining. Funny actually. But not the laughing-with-you funny. More like the laughing-at-you funny.

These videos promote ignorance and ignorance should be unacceptable in all communities.

No one should promote ignorance. Even the ignorant. We should be rebuilding our communities and not promoting the next chittlin’ circuit by sharing the latest ignorant video that is floating around the web.

Educate the ignorant instead of exploiting them. Maybe if we stop looking at it, accepting it and passing it on the ratchet epidemic may just go away.


I’m just saying.



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