Spring Break PSA



For Guilford County Schools, Spring Break is this week and parents I want to make sure you are more than prepared. While the teachers are at home enjoying their time without the kiddos, we will be trying to cope with the fact that they are not leaving to go away for eight hours or more during the day.

So after you cancel your spa appointments, rearrange your daily to-do list, and prepare your ear buds to activate once the sibling rivalry and the constant “Mommy, I need you” starts, here is list that you, your children and your neighbors will appreciate.


  1. Stock your fridge – Some kids eat one or two meals at school. Somewhere in there are two snacks. Stock the fridge and stand back so that you don’t get caught in the stampede.

  2. Get B-12 – The kiddos are home so going back to bed after you drop them off is out of the question. Unless you want to wake up to a scene that resembles an atom bomb being dropped off on your house.

  3. Plan activities – You have known all year long that your child (ren) will be out of school. You, as a parent, should have SOMETHING, ANYTHING for them to do. I personally have planned some field trips, writing assignments, math work with a dash of fun for my 7-year-old.

  4. Don’t let your kids stay outside all day – Trust me on this one. As someone who has gone to sleep listening to the bouncing of a basketball and woken up to that same basketball the next morning, control your times. If you are sending them outside so you can get some rest, your neighbors are not getting any rest. Set a decent time for them to go out, say 10 a.m., and a decent time for them to come back in, let’s say dinner time.

  5. Make your children read – A chapter a day is similar to an apple. You get the jest.

  6. Spend some quality time – Now is a good time to spend some quality time with your children. Whether they are good kids or kids that have lost their way, they just need someone to talk to and someone who will listen.

  7. Teach responsibility – A chore list goes a long way. It also prepares them for the summer time. You know, something for them to do during that other long stretch that they are out of school.


With these things in mind, try to have a splendid  great good sane Spring Break with the kiddos. While you are out, pick up something for that teacher that you are bound to appreciate more by the end of the week.


I’m just saying.




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