Clean Sweep


There is something about embarking on a new journey in life that can put you on edge.

I don’t know if it is nerves or excitement but the feeling leaves you scared.

There is something about the unknown that gives that feeling a little power.

Whether it is meeting someone new, starting a new job, trying out a new skill or participating in an activity that you normally would sit out of, you are on edge.

Everyone deals with things differently.

I personally clean when I’m nervous or need to think things through.

Like Mr. Clean is my second cousin and bleach is air freshener.

At times it involves short cleaning sessions and others end with a house that is so clean you can eat off the floor.

Like right now.

I’m sure that some of the cleaning that I am doing right now is due to the start of my new job on Thursday. But I think that every once in a while you just need to clean.

To clear your mind mostly.

I believe that at some point your environment begins to reflect what is going on in your mind. A cluttered mind equals a cluttered space. An inadequate living situation or experience that you continue to allow your self to be in could actually be how you feel about your self-worth.

At some point you need to do some exploring into what you want for self, your kids and your future. You need to make a clean sweep to rid your self of  bad habits, negative thoughts and bad situations that continue to allow you to remain stagnant in life, mind, body,  and soul.

You can make goals, set timelines and even give rewards but it all has to start with a clean sweep.

I’m just saying.


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