Civic duty? It most definitely is


Children in Guilford County can expect to see much more of the people elected by their parents to represent them in Raleigh. That is a good thing.

House Bill 123, named The Great Leaders for Great Schools bill, passed the House unanimously today. The bill, which was filed and primarily sponsored by Guilford Reps. Ralph Johnson and Cecil Brockman, would require state legislators to spend time in schools every year.

The bill would amend the state statues that define what duties legislators’ are required to do and make sure each member has time to educate themselves about the needs of the public schools in that district, especially since almost 40 percent of the state’s budget is spent in K-12 education. Legislators would be allowed to take a $26 per day travel allowance for up to four days of school visits. At the schools, attendance would be verified by principals or school superintendent.

Freshmen representatives think that the idea would allow for more of a hands-on experience and I agree.

As a parent, I welcome the intrusion. I want the legislator’s to see, up close and personal, the daily struggles that school’s face due to the decisions that are half-heartedly made in Raleigh. I want them to see the children having to share books, make due on supplies that are far from adequate and attempt to comprehend the Common Core curriculum with at least other 30 students in the classroom.

That information should then be taken down to Raleigh in earnest. This cuts out the middle man. There is no march, no letters and no standing on the lawn of the state capital. Just those men and women who are being paid to have the state’s best interest at heart.

As a voter, this allows residents to hold those they elect into office accountable for their actions, or lack thereof. How can you run to improve education but you don’t know where the problem is? How can you make cuts to a school or school system and you don’t know how the money is appropriated?

You should not continue to hold a seat of service if you can’t provide the services that you promised. It would be like paying the light bill company and not receiving electricity. That’s asinine and a waste of tax payer funds.

Legislators should be lining up to visit schools in their districts and make a difference for the students in their area.

After all, isn’t that what we pay them for?

I’m just saying.


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