Black Woman


Black Woman

Oh Black Woman how you have changed, in mind, body and soul you used to reign.

Oh Black Woman, when did you go from being priceless to a dime? At what point did your worth drop like Wall Street Stock, drastically over time.

Oh Black Woman, at what point did you trade your need for education for the latest J’s? At what point do they feed you, keep the lights on or support where you stay?

Oh Black Woman, when did you trade your title of “Queen of the Nile” to become “Trap Queen”, living in denial? At what point did a woman once worthy of uncut jewels turn into a woman that cuts coke for her dude?

Oh Black Woman, when did you stop being the inventor of all to buying the latest name brands in your need to ball? Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Coach. All hanging from your arms like our ancestors from rope.

Oh Black Woman, when did you start speaking so hard leaving your men tattered, torn and with scars? What happened to the days when you allowed him a chance to lead, a chance to bring home the bacon and take care of the family’s needs? A soft tongue every now and again can help even the weakest feel strong again.

Oh Black Woman, stop fighting each other so. Forget World Star, Facebook and YouTube videos. Was it not you, black women, who protected entire villages while your warriors were away?

Oh Black Woman, where did you go wrong? Why is it that our babies don’t know how to spell but know every rap song? Why do our daughters look for attention in all the wrong places while our sons are gunned down in the streets during summer vacation?

Oh Black Woman, when did we stop feeling the need to own? We pay $40 to rent in public housing only to fill it up with big screen televisions 40 inches or more.

Oh Black Woman, where is your pride? Your humility? Your drive? What happened to the need to be the best Nubian Queen you could be? What happened to your ability to make the something out of nothing, to take lashings from the whip and keep on pushing?

Oh Black Woman, we haven’t come this far just to breakdown because someone else raised the bar. We must keep on despite our fear, to continue to stand strong for those who aren’t here. The one’s who died trying to make right and help understand our colored plight.

Oh Black Woman, it’s in this stand we go from being merely human. We become divine beings outfitted with special gifts that range from the smallest to the biggest. We become designer weapons, equipped with the knowledge to infiltrate the whitest boys-only- club and the confidence to make their wives feel you’re a threat to them.

Oh Black Woman, please put back on your crown. Don’t tilt it, twist it or bend it down. Hold your head high and let the sun reflect off the many jewels that are arranged, shining proof that your bloodline and legacy will see better days.

CRD 7/29/2015


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