Trumped by Trump — Poor GOP


Preface: I’m not touting either political party in this blog.

The latest presidential conversations have focused on or around Donald Trump and his politics. Since his announcement to run for the President of the United States in 2016 for the Republican Party, he has offended a few groups of potential voters – Hispanics, veterans and prisoners of war, and fellow Republicans – causing the Republican Party to create a small but clear distance from him. Ironic.

It was all fun and games when one of the richest men in the U.S. said he wanted to run. The GOP was okay with that.

It stopped being funny when he said some things that I’m sure have been said behind closed doors on more than one occasion about immigration. It became downright serious when the GOP realized that the citizens of America actually liked what Trump was selling. Now it’s just horrendous that people are taking him seriously with members of the same party calling his successful lead a “temporary loss of sanity” on behalf of American voters. Not very nice Mr. Paul.

As much as this gives me déjà vu of Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan, I do think that the GOP is missing the most critical part of Trump’s success as a candidate.

Trump is not a politician.

He’s not being politically correct, he’s not backpedaling from comments that have been made public and he’s not pretending to know everything.

What he is doing, however, is vocalizing many of the thoughts, questions or concerns that Americans have had for years. He is thinking like a citizen and businessman of the United States of America and not like a politician that sits and makes decisions for taxpayers. That’s his appeal. That’s his charm.

That is also why he has become a credible threat to other candidates. He is consistent, he is open and he is straight-forward. He is everything that politicians are trained not to be. He is viewed as a fellow American. One who has built a successful empire – an empire that can withstand losing a couple million because he decided to say whatever he wanted.

He’s just a business owner with deep-pockets, a hard head and a loud mouth. Like everyone else.

I’m sure that’s what made it all fun and games when he announced his bid for the 2016 presidency.  Now you say he can’t be taken seriously yet he leads your party among voters in the country. Now you want to ignore the fact that he is running a real campaign. It would seem to me that the GOP has been trumped by Trump.

Is it still fun and games?

I’m just saying.


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