My Letter to Meek Mill … because I care


Dear Mr. (Meek) Mills,

There comes a time in life when you need a friend. Someone that will tell you straight-up what it is and do it with love and sincerity. I know in the industry that you’re in, you’re often surrounded by people who say “yes” rather than “give me your phone.”

Let me be that friend, sir.

Stop. Just Stop.

It seems that things have gone from zero to 100 real quick and you’ve definitely been on your worst behavior. Sir, you are making headlines and doing it wrong.

You started from the bottom of this whole debacle sitting in the audience of an award show hotter than fireworks thinking that the lack of a tweet caused you to be over looked. Your man-tantrum actually should have been over when your girl was making some valid points about the lack of minority winners in the entertainment business. Lord knows that if ever there was an issue to push from the entertainment platform these days that would be one of them. Drake should’ve been the furthest thing from your mind.

Instead, you decide to continue to blast and call out an artist that didn’t even send for you. The same artist that used to walk around with a shirt asking for your freedom. All to say that you know yourself that he has used a ghostwriter.

In all fairness, you even called out Wale for not tweeting your album. I must say that this was a poor decision and could have gotten complicated quickly if you hadn’t reigned in your ambition.

However to insinuate that fans shouldn’t listen to Aubrey because of this is just too much. Ghostwriting has been going on for decades so you can miss me with that.

There are have been legends who’ve spit bars written by someone else. They’ve also ghostwritten just as many songs for others. Even the President has a speech writer. Do you stop listening to them or stop featuring them on your album? That non-secret doesn’t stop them from getting trophies or becoming unforgettable.

Furthermore, if you are going to put the energy into calling someone else out make sure you can shut it down. In other words, have a diss track ready to go. You allowed someone with lyrics that you called “as soft as baby lotion” to not only get charged up enough to respond to you but to do it back to back in two diss tracks before you respond. It’s almost like you were vacationing in Houstalantavegas and didn’t know you should be working hard to practice what you would say as a comeback. Oh yeah, here’s a little secret about baby lotion— It’s in everyone’s house. When you think about it like that, you can bet at least 7 out of 10 people have bought a Drake joint. I’m one of them. We can’t use that blanket statement for you unless we include the features you’ve had on Drake’s, or Wale’s, album.

In the heat of the moment, you even called a radio station saying that you were going to get them the diss track as soon as possible. Now look what you’ve done to Funkmaster Flex and Hot 97, who tried to stand by you and the 6 comment. You should take care to send an apology. You should do that well before November 18th.

As far as Drake’s response to your foolishness, I feel he was most successful with his use of the social media memes that were created as his backdrop at the OVO festival. I have to admit it made me proud. The multimedia concept is one of the best I ever had a chance to experience.

Instead of letting it go at that point, you continued the ride despite being publicly buried alive. There’s no shot for me in the rap industry but I would think that that at some point you’d think you should call and say “that’s all me and we’ll be fine” so you can mend the fences. Instead you travel around threatening to give Aubrey a wedgie and call him a girl (Cait Jenner) like we are living out a real episode of Degrassi High.

Let’s just think about calling it quits soon. How about now? You are just coming off as a cry baby and it’s not cool.

You don’t have to thank me later for these pearls of wisdom. Just keep chasing your dreams.

Peace and Blessings,


*Italicized words are titles of Drake’s Song except in the paragraph about Wale. Those would be the titles to Wale’s songs.


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