Chronicles of a Single Mom: Blog #1


It finally happened.
I’ve been waiting to do it for almost nine years.
I was so shocked that I even thought something was wrong. I mean it’s happened before but it wasn’t always a good thing, you know?
What is it you ask?
I was able to close the door to the bathroom. That’s not the groundbreaking part.
Hold on to your seats here moms with young children.
There was no one knocking on the door, calling my name or busting in to tell me something that could’ve waited two minutes.
It was peaceful. Freeing almost as I gained back a part of my independence that I haven’t seen in quite some time.
Blissful privacy.
A moment to myself that doesn’t make me wonder what nuclear reactor is being built or what is being destroyed with tiny Fiskar scissors and a purple glue stick in the name of art. A moment where I don’t have to worry if my child is practicing to be the next Top Chef behind my back or the curtains have become a prom dress that she’s designed nine years early.
After realizing that I hadn’t been interrupted that excitement soon turned to fear.
I was afraid of what was happening that would cause her to NOT want to bust in on me. This fear led me to end my blissful moment and go investigate. While every child is different the old saying “you should be suspicious of silence while you have a child/ren” is true in my household.
Luckily, this wasn’t one of those time. The reality is she was too busy reading in her room to care about what I was doing and why I had closed a door. Perhaps that’s just a sign of maturity. A sign that I don’t mind seeing as I plot on the next time I can get away.
I already have plans to take something with me next time so I can be productive or go ahead and take a nice long candle-lit bubble bath with a glass of wine while she’s woke.
Without Barbie and her friends giving me a fashion show, being read a book or having to sip tea from a little plastic cup while pretending I’m in a Jacuzzi.
Okay, maybe we can keep the pretend Jacuzzi.
I’m just saying.


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