Calm Down! Your 2nd amendment is still intact.


I find it hilarious that so many people feel like they’ve been mistreated when it comes to the new gun laws proposed by the Obama Administration.
Make no mistake that gun control is a hot button topic and will rear its head in the upcoming months due to the November 2016 election.
The proposal includes universal background checks for gun sales, providing schools with resource officers and school counselors, stiffer punishments for gun trafficking and making sure that health insurances plans cover mental health benefits.
What bothers me the most is that some of these proposals should already be in place. As a society, we should be trying to make our public and educational institutions the safest possible. If that means adding a few more pages of paperwork to the equation, then so be it.
It just means that a safer America will come from people taking the long way or that it won’t be so easy for the guy who skipped his meds to get a gun and go shot up a church because he felt like it. The problem isn’t about whether or not you get to keep your handgun in your house and ultimately it’s not even the guns themselves.
It’s the use of and easy accessibility of those guns to those who don’t need them. Those who willingly seek to harm themselves or others. Those who feel like making life-changing mistakes all in the name of God-only-knows.
Guns don’t get sick and decide to point themselves at innocent people who’ve done nothing wrong. People get sick and decide to point guns at innocent people who’ve done nothing wrong.
Guns don’t plan to kill people who are shopping, praying or watching a movie. Guns don’t plan to shoot up a school, to inflict pain without cause or to modify themselves to become a better killing instrument.
People do all these things and in some spaces the laws are so lax it’s allowed. In some places, those laws are ignored or not enforced.
So I would say your 2nd Amendment right is not being infringed on. I would say it comes down to the people with the guns being the problem. I’m okay with making sure we don’t have as many problems anymore and saving the lives of innocent people even if that cost me a few minutes, an extra step and a background check.
I’m just saying.


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