Chronicles of a Single Mom: Blog Post #2


My child thinks I’m blind.
No, she really does.
Of course I’ve worn glasses all her life but she legit thinks that I’m blind.
Either that or she thinks she’s a magician.
I haven’t quite figured out which one it is.
I have figured out that she depends on me to be too busy doing something else so I don’t see her doing, sneaking or hiding something.
You have to pass the master bedroom in our home to get to her room. This means that I’ve pretty much got a bird’s eye view of traffic which often leads to the following conversation:
Her: (sneaking to peek in my room to see if I see her, running past the doorway, retrieving something she doesn’t or isn’t supposed to have in her room before trying to sneak past the doorway again)
Me: Put it back.
Her: How did you see me?!?
I told you she thinks I’m blind or her invisibility cloak has some serious damages that need to be repaired.
Either way I’ve decided that some things must change before her cloak is repaired. The biggest one would be that I can never close my bedroom door.
The second thing is that I can confirm that when I feel like someone is watching me, she probably is doing just that.
Watching and waiting.
Waiting for her next chance to get away with something. Anything. Without me seeing.
As she explains it “if I didn’t see her do it then she can’t possibly be the culprit.” Despite the fact that she’s the only child here. That doesn’t count.
I often spend my time reinforcing the fact that “yes, I can see you” or “No, I’m not sleep yet.” Learned that lesson early on in the journey called parenthood. NEVER go to sleep when she asks you if you’re sleepy.
While I’m waiting on the invisibility cloak to be repaired, I’ll just brush up on my evil eye.
Since I can see and all that.
I’m just saying.


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