Chronicles of a Single Mom: Blog #3


Apparently times are changing.
Change is good. I like change. It’s necessary for our good as humans.
But the change in this area is just getting on my nerves. Not just as a single mom and I’m sure there are plenty of parents that would agree with me.
What change is this?
Common Core.
I never thought that homework could be so hard for no apparent reason.
It takes so long to find the simplest of answers. There are so many tool, manipulatives, steps, etc. to get the same answer you would if you simply put one number on top of the other and performed the necessary operation. Which is mostly what I do to help my child get the answer. Only for her to tell me that I don’t have it the right way.
It’s the right answer, yes. But she refuses to accept the method that I know to get the answer. Frustrating, and slightly ironic, don’t you think? I think Comedian Gerald Kelly said it best:

I don’t know whether I should go to work or go to school so I can help her with her homework. I feel like I need to do the lesson in order to check the lesson that she has for homework and I have two degrees. Throw in the fact that some of the information needed is completely unnecessary and I see how some of these kids get confused.
Poor children. I, who has never liked math and am addicted to words, can understand how making something that is already complicated more complicated can create frustration.
Is there any way this process can be streamlined? Can’t we just keep the good parts of the curriculum and leave the rest on the cutting room floor?
Besides, most of the men and women that have approved this new curriculum didn’t have to take the classes, do the homework or take the test, did they?
I would think they would say that they turned out and make decisions just fine without it.
I’m just saying.


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