Preaching … The New Trend?


First let me start off by saying that this is my opinion and many may or may not agree with me. It may even tick a few people off (I know it’s hard to believe but this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done that. I would also bet my bottom dollar that it won’t be the last.) It’s simply a hypothetical question that I pose to the public masses.
Is preaching or being a preacher the new trend?
It seems that every time you turn around someone is preaching their initial, feels led to begin their journey into divinity/theology school or has been called by God to stand at the front of a church and tell the people his good word.
Now there are some that do this and do it well. It takes dedication to be in that position because being a preacher, reverend, minister is hard work ya’ll. I mean some serious, out-of-this-world, being on call 24/7, no days off, see you every Sunday, pray for you when I don’t want to, entertain you when I don’t want to, lead my feet cause I know that people are following me type of hard work.
My question is simply this: If everyone is called to be a preacher then who is sitting in the congregation?
Who is listening to this mighty word of God that you’ve been given? Who’s welcoming the people in for this word? Who’s making sure that the lights stay on, the parking lot is clean and the grass stays cut?
The bottom line is that ministry is much more than just having or being a preacher. It’s the many components of that church: preacher, ushers, stewards, congregants and musicians that serve and sacrifice themselves that make the ministry successful. It’s the teamwork put in place to give God glory that allows churches to do more than pack the pews but save souls, as well.
Furthermore, there are a number of ways to minister that don’t include preaching. We can minister in dance, song, music, prayers, cooking, cleaning or simply talking with each other. It can be done in the background where no one knows your name or even what you do. Your service should be done selflessly and not to gain recognition in the process. It doesn’t have to include a hoot, a holler or speaking in tongues.
Simply put: You can lead others to Christ without preaching or having a title in the front of your name.
As Christians, that’s our job. To evangelize to others and spread the love of Christ, through our thoughts, words and deeds.
Even those without titles.
Even those who sit on the pews.
I’m just saying.


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