Cam … On his way but not quite there yet


Unless you live under a rock on a different planet, everyone knows that Super Bowl 50 was held Sunday night.

In the spirt of full discretion I will admit that even though I live in North Carolina I am not a Panthers fan. I am, however, a Falcons fan so seeing anyone from the NFC South make it to the big game is a plus and says a lot about what to expect for the 2016-2017 NFL season.

I didn’t jump on the bandwagon or anything else. I just like football; good football is even better.

While there were some highs and lows in the Sunday night game, the lowest point for me was when the Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton did this:

Again, as a football fan, I feel like the boys did a fine job getting to the point that they did. While I know a loss such as that can be devastating you have to know when to take it on the chin, pat yourself on the back and keep pounding, as they say. You can’t carry the team on your back when you’re winning and not pick them up after a loss.

As a journalist, Cam did one of the worst things he could’ve done during a post-game interview and that’s wear his emotions on his sleeve and leaving dead air. Football is an emotional game, especially if you have the passion, dedication and drive to succeed in the NFL. He has all three. What he doesn’t have is that extra dose of leadership that would have made him stand there and answer those questions like he had won.

Again, as a journalist, had he filled up that dead air there would have been fewer questions and more time show that though your team loss you fought a hell of a fight and plan to return next year.

That response would have included acknowledging the loss but spotlighting the hard work that got the Panthers there. Recognizing that within that team and on that journey, there was a 18 consecutive regular season record (the longest in NFC history), a QB named MVP, a coach named Coach of the Year, the second coach of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent to coach at the Super Bowl (after Tom Flores), one of the youngest offensive lines in the league and 10 players headed to the Pro Bowl. That doesn’t include the personal growth and stats that these athletes achieved in the process. That’s an impressive list of accomplishments all by itself.

There’s a bright future for Cam once he grows through this experience.

He has a lot of people waiting for him to fail but he can’t give them a reason to validate their points. Which means if he needs to suck it up for a minute to answer a few questions then he should do so. But conceding to defeat is not an option.

Not only is the world watching but his teammates are too.

I’m just saying.


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