Enough is Enough: It’s time to step it up


A 16-year-old girl is dead.
She won’t graduate. She won’t go to prom. She won’t take senior pictures.
The two or three young girls who did it will also miss out.
They’re living.
However, they won’t graduate. They won’t go to prom. They won’t take the traditional senior pictures. Their senior pictures will consist of a mug shot. No corsages, date or gowns. Just their name, an inmate number that replaces their identity and the county they now belong to.
All of these young girls’ lives are ruined. Behind a disagreement involving a young boy.
A young boy that won’t do time, who didn’t die, who didn’t even ask that this young lady be attacked. He’ll go on to graduate, go to prom, date and move on with his life despite being a catalyst to a horrific event. And it’s not his fault.
If anyone’s to blame, ladies, it’s ourselves.
We should point to ourselves for not doing enough. For not stepping up and teaching our daughters better. For showing them, in some part of their life, that it’s okay to attack the other female versus handling the mate/spouse at home. We’ve shown them that a lesson needs to be taught in order to protect what is perceived as our own.
Through videos, phone calls, movies and music, we’ve shown them that the male doesn’t hold accountability or that walking away from the situations isn’t enough. We’ve shown them that just talking it out won’t do but we have to elevate to a level of violence for anyone to take us seriously. We’ve shown them that it’s okay to fight for things: love, a parking space, a job, because someone looked at you funny or didn’t speak.
And it sickens me.
It literally turned my stomach to read through the story of Amy Joyner-Francis’ ordeal. I refused to watch the video of this young woman’s death. I just can’t and I won’t.
This 16-year-old died from injuries sustained during a group fight in a bathroom at Howard High School of Technology at 8:15 a.m. on a Thursday morning in Wilmington, Delaware, according to CNN. After being found in critical condition she was rushed, by helicopter, to the A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children but died in route.
She died because she went to school. She died because some other girls felt the need to beat her to death all at one time, despite saying they weren’t trying to kill her. She died because she met someone in the bathroom.
She died.
As for those who had a hand in killing her or recording it, Wilmington Police Chief Bobby Cummings is expected to file charges against them, according to CBS News.
Due to their actions, their dreams, freedom and future died right along with Amy.
Enough is Enough.
We’ve shown these young ladies what not to do. Don’t you think it’s time to step it up?
It’s time to hold ourselves accountable for the young girls that come behind us. We should be showing them how to leave when the love he was giving turns toxic, we should be showing them how to create businesses instead of trying to chip at glass ceilings, we should be showing them that we can love each other for our differences and our strengths instead of breaking each other down for their weaknesses and flaws. We should be letting them know that together we are a force that can’t be broken. We should be showing them that being a Trap Queen is not a goal they should seek to achieve. That there’s more to life than Jordan’s, Michael Kors Bags/Watches and having the biggest booty. We should be showing them that having your own CD’s, IRA’s and shares of stock allows you to be more financially independent than being the main or side piece to some King Pin or Dope Boy.
For years we’ve preached that men of color needed to step it up. At some point, women of color stepped down and that’s not okay. In fact, it has become detrimental and deadly. If you don’t think so just ask Amy’s parents.
It’s time to show these young girls Queendom. I don’t mean Queen B either. We must rise up and show them what is right, what is wrong and what we will not stand for on any level whether it be at work, at home, in relationships or friendships. If we have to do it while sipping lemonade and getting into formation for them to understand, then so be it.
It’s long overdue.
We owe it to ourselves.
We owe it to our ancestors.
We owe it to our children and their children.
Hell, we owe it to Amy.
I’m Just Saying.


One thought on “Enough is Enough: It’s time to step it up

  1. I 100% agree with you on ALL of these points Chanel! It’s past time for us to have SERIOUS grown woman conversations with our daughters, sisters, nieces, and I hate to say it but some mothers need a good talking to TOO!!! I’m saddened that this happened yet again. My prayers go out to Amy’s family. Thanks for bringing awareness to this.

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