It’s hot but Hell is hotter!


I don’t do hot too well. Today is one of those hot and muggy days the South is known for.
When I got up this morning to take the kid to school it was already 70 degrees.
While running errands this morning it continued to heat up.
At 10 a.m. I decided that I could take no more and came home. It was a little past 80 degrees at that point.
I couldn’t do anything but sit down on the couch and re-evaluate my salvation as I tried to cool off. When I say re-evaluate I mean sitting there thinking “Man, I don’t want to go to hell.” Like “let me google the difference between the prayer of salvation and a sinner’s prayer so I can figure out which one works best for me” re-evaluation.
The bible describes Hell as an eternal lake of fire.
See where I’m going here? I can barely be out in the sun an hour without feeling dehydrated. There’s no way I would willingly do an eternity of forever heat.
No thanks. Thus begins my campaign to work extra hard to get into heaven. I mean I Luv God (in my Erica Campbell voice) with my all. That’s one of the big one’s right?
The other is to love others as you love yourself. I’m working on that.
But I’m going to put in extra work so I can go to Heaven.
I bet the angels are dressed in cool, breathable white linen.
The gold bricks have to be pretty cold to remain solid.
The overall climate has to be pretty cool if everyone is dancing and rejoicing all day long without breaking a sweat, don’t you think?
Therefore, I’ve deduced that Heaven must have A/C and I’ll take that over a lake full of flames any day.
I’m Just Saying.


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