Dear 2017: Hey boo Hey!


The end of the year is always a time for reflection.
That trip down memory lane may take you across some good times and bad times but it’s guaranteed to remind you of what you don’t want or want more of in the new year.
As I sit here and reflect on the year, I’m faced with riffling through this mixed bag of emotions.
Don’t misinterpret these emotions as an overall bad thing.
While I didn’t become as rich as Oprah, fly as Beyoncé or acquire that Teyana Taylor body (I just don’t understand how she does it!!) I did come into my own.
I dreamed big enough to scare my damn self, and maybe a few others, in an attempt to accomplish whatever it was I wanted to do. Let me insert here that it was nothing like the glamorization that you see in the films when the main character pulls themselves up by the bootstraps and gets it done.
It was messy. There was sweat, tears, self-doubt, disappointment, anxiety, apprehension and numerous amounts of Ben and Jerry’s when the above became too much.
I quit. Started again the next day. Quit the day after that. Cussed myself for quitting. Started again the next day…. I think you get the pattern here.
I raced against the clock. I raced against myself. I just raced until I couldn’t anymore. Then I would stop for a minute and lace my sneakers back up.
As I sit here typing these words, I can honestly say that between the crying, mental breakdowns, self-doubt and 15 pounds (give or take a few pounds. Seriously, take a few pounds. Please.) I feel accomplished.
Even if I didn’t knock every goal off my list, I feel better being able to say that I knocked one or two out of the ball park and laid the groundwork on several more.
Dare I say that I may even be proud of myself. Just a little. The first step is to believe that you can achieve, right?
It’s a nice feeling.
Even better are the butterflies I feel in my stomach in anticipation for the great things I have planned in the new year. I look forward to becoming and doing so much more in 2017 as I continue to forge my own path in this crazy world.
Perhaps even 25 pounds lighter.
I’m Just Saying.