Dear 2017: Hey boo Hey!


The end of the year is always a time for reflection.
That trip down memory lane may take you across some good times and bad times but it’s guaranteed to remind you of what you don’t want or want more of in the new year.
As I sit here and reflect on the year, I’m faced with riffling through this mixed bag of emotions.
Don’t misinterpret these emotions as an overall bad thing.
While I didn’t become as rich as Oprah, fly as Beyoncé or acquire that Teyana Taylor body (I just don’t understand how she does it!!) I did come into my own.
I dreamed big enough to scare my damn self, and maybe a few others, in an attempt to accomplish whatever it was I wanted to do. Let me insert here that it was nothing like the glamorization that you see in the films when the main character pulls themselves up by the bootstraps and gets it done.
It was messy. There was sweat, tears, self-doubt, disappointment, anxiety, apprehension and numerous amounts of Ben and Jerry’s when the above became too much.
I quit. Started again the next day. Quit the day after that. Cussed myself for quitting. Started again the next day…. I think you get the pattern here.
I raced against the clock. I raced against myself. I just raced until I couldn’t anymore. Then I would stop for a minute and lace my sneakers back up.
As I sit here typing these words, I can honestly say that between the crying, mental breakdowns, self-doubt and 15 pounds (give or take a few pounds. Seriously, take a few pounds. Please.) I feel accomplished.
Even if I didn’t knock every goal off my list, I feel better being able to say that I knocked one or two out of the ball park and laid the groundwork on several more.
Dare I say that I may even be proud of myself. Just a little. The first step is to believe that you can achieve, right?
It’s a nice feeling.
Even better are the butterflies I feel in my stomach in anticipation for the great things I have planned in the new year. I look forward to becoming and doing so much more in 2017 as I continue to forge my own path in this crazy world.
Perhaps even 25 pounds lighter.
I’m Just Saying.


Sipping Lemonade in the Purple Rain


Okay, I know I’m late but I’m just now coming out of the Purple Rock’n’Roll Haze of mourning.
However, I did notice that Bey dropped her visual album the Saturday following Prince’s ascension and sometime within the following two weeks I was able to watch it despite my tears.
While “Formation” had me on the fence, the visual video pushed me over the edge and I can confidently say that I am here for the new Bey.
Whatever her reason for dropping knowledge to her fans, I applaud her for using her social status and celebrity to make a definite stand against the injustices in America that most celebrities are afraid to openly speak on.
Now I’m not saying that I’m going out to buy the album but I respect the hard work and creativity she infused into her work to bring social consciousness to topics that are often ignored or overlooked from African-Americans in the industry.

Lem  inside 3

I could care less about her and Jay-Z’s marital problems. My mama taught me to stay out of married folks’ business. I do care about her finding herself and putting it into an artful arrangement that encourages others to step their grown woman up, celebrate the wins of life and mourn the losses without staying down too long.
I care about her using her work to portray that while African-American’s, both men and women, get the dirty end of the stick from significant others, employees and employers, police, the government, and the world they still rise to the top.
With this work, she’s shown us that it’s okay to work out and let go of our Daddy issues, we don’t have to conform to what’s deemed trendy to be beautiful, and that sometimes we have to break down in order to rebuild ourselves. She’s showed us that there’s a lesson in the pain that we as African-American women have endured as an undervalued, under-appreciated sub-category of human beings.
She doesn’t stop there.
Bey then turns around and shows us that there’s strength and rejuvenation in numbers. Her video shows our need as a people to become slave to the money and the conventional working environment, and why we should make investments into ourselves and our community while calling for a change.

Lem inside 2
She reminds us that no matter what happens we can turn the sourest lemons into lemonade. Honey, I’m always up for a tall pitcher of iced cold lemonade, with a shot of something strong on the side.
She’s showing us something that we’ve hadn’t seen in a while and that’s evident from the responses that those from other races have had in regards to her Super Bowl performance all the way down to her Lemonade album and tour.
She’s highlighted that our potential as woke African-American’s scares and intimidates many even in 2016. That the change that could be made invokes fear, bigotry and is downright terrifying to some.

Lem inside 1
Yeah, I here for the new Bey.
In the front row, with popcorn, a Mountain Dew and a plan so that when the time comes I’m already in formation.
Who knows?
I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making so I have to keep running cause a winner doesn’t quit on themselves.
I’m Just Saying.