Chronicles of a Single Mom #16 – My Political Princess


At some point the spirit of past feminists and political activists have taken over my 9-year-old’s body. She’s always felt some type of way about politics (blame her reporter mommy) but it seems to have come out even more so this presidential election.
Admittedly, my 9-year-old probably knows more about this upcoming presidential election, or the election process itself, than most adults my age. She’s often watched election outcomes, goes to the polling booth with me and has even watched her fair share of inaugurations.
However, this year something is different.
She seems to have channeled the spirits of Shirley Chisholm, Fannie Lou Hamer, Yuri Kochiyama and Septima Clark, using the experience and knowledge of all four to educate herself and others on the political candidates and their platforms with a little help from Zendaya and the Future President’s project.
I mean the girl is serious!!!
She even asked to go to so she could research the presidential candidates. She knows everything down to their grandchildren’s names and will gladly share this information with you. She pays attention to the Super PAC commercials that run every few minutes, knowing of course that they’re paid advertisements, but she also knows to look up the information to distinguish if it is indeed factual.
It’s nothing to catch her watching a debate, town hall or cable news network to try and catch up with someone on the campaign trail.
Of course she has determined who’d she like to see as the next president but I’ve also shared with her that it’s essentially every American citizen’s right to vote for whom they believe would do the best job running the country.
She’s cool with the whole process except for one thing.
As she was telling me who she’d vote for during KidsVote, I let her know that right now her vote would not be counted in the presidential election so stumping for a particular candidate in her group of friends would not benefit either party.
Why did I do that?!?!
Her immediate response was “What do you mean my vote doesn’t count?” The face she made was what you’d get if you’d told her that Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny (Yes! They’re still real at my house!) was not real all at one time and in that order. For a minute I thought she’d cry or have the fleeting thought of slapping me for merely uttering those words.
After getting over her initial disgust, she politely informed me that things change and while she would vote for the candidate that she’d decided to go with, however, at some point someone needs to look at the voting laws that are in place.
“Why is that?” I asked her. Her response, which scared me a little, was that it was unfair for “politicians to make decisions for children without asking for their input. Yes, some people will come up with silly things like ice cream for lunch and unicorns on the playground but in order to have a successful world for us you have to ask us what makes us successful.”
As I’m picking my jaw off the floor, she crawls off my bed and heads out of my bedroom door. Before walking out, she throws back “that’s why when I’m President we’ll have a kid’s roundtable” and heads back to whatever episode that’s on Disney.
I don’t know whether to be extremely proud or extremely troubled for my fellow American citizens.
Just know that I did try early on to veto the ice-cream-for-any-meal-bill that may be introduced into law in 2041 from your Princess President.
Did I mention she’s heading to the state capitol on a field trip in November? I’m debating whether or not she needs to go with her very own special chaperone.
I’d hate for her to interrupt a session asking common sense questions. After all, she is my child.
I’m Just Saying.


Trump vs. Women: Who wins?


We are in election season Ladies and Gentlemen and the claws are coming out.
I can’t help but notice the many Donald Trump 2016 bumper stickers and the “Make America Great Again” signs. Again I’m not against either the Republican or Democratic Party. This is just about the individual himself.
Now, I’m not one to tell you I told you so, so I’ll just prove it to you. See below:
Again, it was all fun and games until it was realized that Trump’s bigoted and misogynistic rhetoric was somehow hitting home with a large majority of folks.
Now the RNC is scrambling.
Let’s be clear about a something…
America never was great in the beginning without a little assistance from different races and from different countries. I’ll beat that horse on a different day.
What truly concerns me about those who drink Trump’s Orangeade are the women who blindly follow this man without thinking about where his political platform and policies will eventually lead them.
For years, women from every race have fought for gender equality. To be equal to peers or male colleagues in education, rate of pay and voting rights among other things.
We’ve worked hard, shoulder to shoulder, to fight for the rights we do have and in a blink of an eye they can be stripped away because we’re thought to be “hormonal.”
Trump has a long history of disrespecting women and flat out being a sexist bully who has a habit to speak before he thinks.
Is this the man you want to make America great again?
If the answer is yes, then that’s your constitutional right and I commend you for using it despite the side you may be on.
Speaking of sides…
Think about this the next time you go to a Trump rally and actively spew hate against African Americans, Hispanics and protesters – Once the wall is built and Trump has put everyone on the other side just like he campaigned ask yourself this:
When will it be my turn?
Because after all, a three-time divorcee who happens to hold tight to his misogynistic ways couldn’t possibly think of women as second-class citizens could he?
Although you have to think about everyone else he’d labeled as second class citizens.
You remember them right?
The Hispanics
The African Americans
The Anchor Babies
So if they’re consider second-class and you’re considered second-class as women, doesn’t that put you in the same boat?
I’m Just Saying.

Sarah Palin … You Tried It!!


Oh my.
Do my eyes and ears deceive me? Sarah Palin can’t be blaming President Barack Obama for her being a lousy parent? That wouldn’t be the most conservative thing to do would it?
Because only liberal, left wing Democrats and Independents blame others for their problems and don’t take responsibility for their actions and the consequences that come with them.
Let me catch you up.
Apparently, Palin’s son Track was arrested after being involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend. She said that it’s because of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and that he hasn’t received the help that he needs from Veteran Affairs due to polices of the Obama Administration.
Sarah tried it ya’ll.
She pulled the wrong card too because American veterans were having none of that foolishness.
Matthew Miller, chief policy officer for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, argued on CNN that Palin’s comments were “politicizing” what veterans go through.
“She missed an opportunity to use her platform, to use her fame, to draw attention to post-traumatic stress,” he said.
He went on to say Palin’s and Trump’s criticism of the Obama administration is wrong and that the spending on the Veterans Affairs department has been high since his presidency.
“They may be entitled to their own opinion, but they’re not entitled to their own facts,” he said.
While our veteran’s suffer with a lot when coming back from overseas and the VA department could operate more than a little better, using a serious condition to promote someone’s presidency is a bad idea and in bad taste. Even if it is your son that you’re using to do it.
Furthermore, I question why you didn’t try to get your son help? If you know that he has all these issues, why wouldn’t you do everything you could to make sure he couldn’t harm himself or others? Especially himself if you didn’t care about others.
PTSD is not something to be taken lightly. Men and women battle with it and the impact it has on their friends, families and work every day. It doesn’t need to trivialized and downgraded to a speaking point at a fundraiser or rally promoting your endorsement of a Republican Presidential Candidate. I’m sure Track has enough problems without you announcing them all around the country.
His name is Track after all.
I’m Just Saying.

Calm Down! Your 2nd amendment is still intact.


I find it hilarious that so many people feel like they’ve been mistreated when it comes to the new gun laws proposed by the Obama Administration.
Make no mistake that gun control is a hot button topic and will rear its head in the upcoming months due to the November 2016 election.
The proposal includes universal background checks for gun sales, providing schools with resource officers and school counselors, stiffer punishments for gun trafficking and making sure that health insurances plans cover mental health benefits.
What bothers me the most is that some of these proposals should already be in place. As a society, we should be trying to make our public and educational institutions the safest possible. If that means adding a few more pages of paperwork to the equation, then so be it.
It just means that a safer America will come from people taking the long way or that it won’t be so easy for the guy who skipped his meds to get a gun and go shot up a church because he felt like it. The problem isn’t about whether or not you get to keep your handgun in your house and ultimately it’s not even the guns themselves.
It’s the use of and easy accessibility of those guns to those who don’t need them. Those who willingly seek to harm themselves or others. Those who feel like making life-changing mistakes all in the name of God-only-knows.
Guns don’t get sick and decide to point themselves at innocent people who’ve done nothing wrong. People get sick and decide to point guns at innocent people who’ve done nothing wrong.
Guns don’t plan to kill people who are shopping, praying or watching a movie. Guns don’t plan to shoot up a school, to inflict pain without cause or to modify themselves to become a better killing instrument.
People do all these things and in some spaces the laws are so lax it’s allowed. In some places, those laws are ignored or not enforced.
So I would say your 2nd Amendment right is not being infringed on. I would say it comes down to the people with the guns being the problem. I’m okay with making sure we don’t have as many problems anymore and saving the lives of innocent people even if that cost me a few minutes, an extra step and a background check.
I’m just saying.

Are you Ready to Primary?


It seems that 2016 has kicked off with a bang. We’ve heard about Justin Bieber’s new hair color, lost David Bowie, witnessed the interview of El Chapo and even scrambled to get our hands on billions of dollars in the lottery.

While all this was going on it seems that North Carolinian’s may have forgotten that we should be getting our ducks in order.

You see, in less than 90 days we will be a key force in whether or not some politicians have a fighting chance in the November election.

I know. I know.

I can hear you now saying that November is so far away. But the general primary that narrows down those candidates is not.

Our friends in Raleigh have upped the date of the general primary from May 15 to March 15.

(I’ll wait while you check your calendar and see exactly how close that date really is. See it? Good.)

The combined primary will include presidential and statewide candidates which does two things for the state:

  • Makes North Carolina a winner take all state for presidential nominees, especially for the RNC with a combined 72 delegates. Upping the primary date makes North Carolina key decision maker in who would become president. In other words we are just as important as Iowa, Ohio and South Carolina.
  • Make North Carolina a key stumping state, bringing in millions of dollars when it comes to advertising.

The reasoning for this decision? To save money of course. Having two primaries would be too costly for the state and its voters.

That means that voters should have everything in order well before March 15 so they can show up to the polls prepared.

Speaking of which, there’s this little matter of identification that may be an issue for some. With the recent revisions to the state’s voting law there may be some changes at the polls.

First, same-day registration is still a go … for now.

Voters who aren’t registered in a county may register to vote during the ones-stop early voting period. Due to a preliminary injunction granted under a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Of course, this subject is still in federal court. So for now, complete a registration application, have proof of address (something dated within the last two months like a light bill, bank statement, check stub, etc.) with your current name and address.

Second, the option to vote straight party is no longer available.

This means that voters must vote for each candidate individually. It also means that voters must educate themselves on the candidates and their platforms. Let’s not going in there voting for someone because their name sounds familiar and I don’t want to see anyone pulling any “eenie meenie miney mo” shenanigans at the polls. Know your stuff people. These are the people who are making some crucial decisions for us and we shouldn’t take placing them into office lightly.

Lastly, have photo identification.

A federal judge has refused the preliminary injunction that would have blocked the requirement for photo identification to vote from taking effect in March. Which means that you HAVE TO SHOW PHOTO IDENTIFICATION. Specifically, an unexpired driver’s license, passport or passport ID card, a Veteran’s Affairs card, a military service identification card and even a tribal enrollment card. Out of state identification cards and driver license will only be taken if the voter registered to vote within 90 days of the election.

While the trial to determine whether or not the requirement is unconstitutional, intentionally discriminatory and a burden on minority groups doesn’t kick off until Jan. 25, that doesn’t mean it would be settled by March 15.

To my friends who insist that their not going to vote … Stop being stupid. I don’t care who you vote for. My only concern is that you let your voice be heard. You can’t complain about the government when you did nothing that could offer up change. Don’t silence yourselves when there are some many other people out here trying to do that for you. Call me a rebel but I feel that if someone’s working so hard for me not to do something I probably should go ahead and do it.

While you continue to check your Powerball numbers, talk about the Panthers season or entertain the Oscar’s and their snubs, be sure that your paper work is in order to make sure your vote matters.

I’m just saying.

Rand Paul should watch the company he keeps


If you watched the GOP debate last week, you had an opportunity to see presidential candidate Rand Paul point fingers and call names in an attempt to win voters over and stand out among the other candidates.

Except he forgot one of the cardinal rules: “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

The Kentucky Senator took on Gov. Chris Christie about national security records and hugging President Barack Obama while insinuating that perhaps Donald Trump and his prior views on health insurance should look into running for another party.

So with all the baiting and judging Paul was doing, I find it interesting that he would have the nerve to point out the flaws in other people’s campaign while the campaign manager for his 2010 senate run and consultant to the super PAC that is supporting his presidential campaign, Jesse Benton, is indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiracy and other charges related to the $70,000 bribery of a political official. The charges come from Paul’s father, Ron, presidential run.

With this knowledge, I find it hard to believe that you would criticize someone for not being conservative enough. Especially when you’re running on the platform of getting rid of the nation’s debt. How can you be trusted to manage the country’s debt but you have a tendency to hire/pay/consultant with those that have a history of misappropriating funds? Considering that you have worked closely with this person in the past, on both you and your father’s campaign and he’s married into the family, you had to know that something was wrong or just wasn’t adding up.

You see, the statement about watching the company you keep rings true here. Birds of a feather flock together and crooks commit crimes together. With the black cloud of this indictment/trial over the campaign, I can’t help but to think about Richard Nixon’s most memorable quote:  “People have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. Well, I’m not a crook.”  Of course, he wasn’t telling the whole truth here.

While Paul may not be a crook, he is not above being associated with a few so who knows who he would hire to look after $7 million?

I’m just saying.

Trumped by Trump — Poor GOP


Preface: I’m not touting either political party in this blog.

The latest presidential conversations have focused on or around Donald Trump and his politics. Since his announcement to run for the President of the United States in 2016 for the Republican Party, he has offended a few groups of potential voters – Hispanics, veterans and prisoners of war, and fellow Republicans – causing the Republican Party to create a small but clear distance from him. Ironic.

It was all fun and games when one of the richest men in the U.S. said he wanted to run. The GOP was okay with that.

It stopped being funny when he said some things that I’m sure have been said behind closed doors on more than one occasion about immigration. It became downright serious when the GOP realized that the citizens of America actually liked what Trump was selling. Now it’s just horrendous that people are taking him seriously with members of the same party calling his successful lead a “temporary loss of sanity” on behalf of American voters. Not very nice Mr. Paul.

As much as this gives me déjà vu of Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan, I do think that the GOP is missing the most critical part of Trump’s success as a candidate.

Trump is not a politician.

He’s not being politically correct, he’s not backpedaling from comments that have been made public and he’s not pretending to know everything.

What he is doing, however, is vocalizing many of the thoughts, questions or concerns that Americans have had for years. He is thinking like a citizen and businessman of the United States of America and not like a politician that sits and makes decisions for taxpayers. That’s his appeal. That’s his charm.

That is also why he has become a credible threat to other candidates. He is consistent, he is open and he is straight-forward. He is everything that politicians are trained not to be. He is viewed as a fellow American. One who has built a successful empire – an empire that can withstand losing a couple million because he decided to say whatever he wanted.

He’s just a business owner with deep-pockets, a hard head and a loud mouth. Like everyone else.

I’m sure that’s what made it all fun and games when he announced his bid for the 2016 presidency.  Now you say he can’t be taken seriously yet he leads your party among voters in the country. Now you want to ignore the fact that he is running a real campaign. It would seem to me that the GOP has been trumped by Trump.

Is it still fun and games?

I’m just saying.